Welcome to Emotional Data

ED’s mission is to provide Smart Data on the emotional reactions triggered in people by environments.

ED can evaluate the emotional behavioural data in the indoor and outdoor environments of your building based on visual, smell, tactile and auditory features. We also provide data on the stress level experienced by people in response to the physical attributes or layout of your establishment. In addition, ED is able to analyse environmental layouts and provide data on the users’ engagement, interaction, attraction, orientation and pleasure.

Providing environmental data on emotions and health for your management strategy is our passion.

ED is a multidisciplinary team composed of people with extensive professional and scientific experience in architecture and psychology. All ED’s members have international experience at prestigious European and American universities, including such as Harvard University and Cornell University.

Our products

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Hospitals and Hotels

from real environments

ED provides data on emotions and health based on real experiences or processes that take place in real environments such as hospitals, hotels, restaurants and other settings that are crucial for establishing your brand philosophy.

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Architect / Interior Designer / Urban Planner / Landscaper

from virtual environments

ED provides data on health and emotions using virtual designs before building the actual project, in order to predict the best scheme and enhance the design based on the potential users (workers, guests, shoppers, patients, etc.), demographic information, and lifestyle.

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Environments & R+D

from the layout of the environment

ED provides data on environmental interactions for any discipline or scientific field,in which the environment may affect people’s moods and wellbeing, so that decisions can be made that increase productivity, creativity, recovery or return on investment (ROI).

The best methodology

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Data from measuring types of EMOTIONS, STATE OF MOOD and WELLBEING in macro and micro environments.

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Data from evaluating INTENTIONAL APPROACH, ATTENTION and VISUAL EXPLORATION in macro and micro environments.

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Data from analyzing REGENERATIVE environments and DEMOGRAPHIC segmentation and lifestyle, style, among other factors

The best Emotional Data

The ED team has had extensive experience in analysing emotional and health-related data and is convinced that environments are crucial to our life’s activity and stress levels. ED provides you with smart data based on the trinomial PEOPLE, ENVIRONMENT and ACTIVITY, giving you the best information so that you can better decide on your management strategy and the future aims of your activity or environment.

ED offers the possibility of evaluating, predicting, and analysing the behavioural reactions of people to environments. ED is able to measure the design of your establishment and get smart data on the emotions, smood, wellbeing, visual exploration or attention of your guests, patients, or potential customers.