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Hospitals, Hotels & Restaurants


ED is able to measure the emotional state and wellbeing of your establishment’s potential or real customers and the environmental attractiveness and other experiential data ofany indoor or outdoor facility.

This service providesthose who are concerned about the people experience with powerful information for making decisions and devising strategies to provide a unique experienceas a value-added for their users or their brand philosophy.

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Architect / interior designer / Urban Planner / Landscaper


ED providesemotional datato design professionals so that they can predict the people experience that their designs and layouts could trigger before they are built.

ED uses virtual environments to measure emotional state, wellbeing benefits, environmental attractiveness and other experiential data in a specific macro or micro area or building.

This service provides smart data to design professionals containing powerful information for deciding which layout, design, or environmental conditions will give users a memorable or unique experience ,there by adding value to their designs.

Our products

R+D Departments


ED can provide environmental interaction data to any professional or scientific department to help it reach its goals.

ED offers R&+D departments a powerful service of use to any professional or scientific discipline that needs to analyse environments based on human interaction and interactional data. Our team, with its extensive scientific and professional experience, is the guarantee for your professional or academic R&D department that our smart data will fit your needs, as it adheres to the most rigorous scientific protocols, methods and ethics (IRB).

Our products


The physical environment affects human emotions and wellbeing. ED provides emotional data that will help you to make decisions that fit your target, local cultural preferences and user expectations. Smart Data and technology are crucial to the process of obtaining these data and understanding human reactions. ED applies innovative technology to automatic facial expression recognition, eye tracking, and self-reports to measure human interaction second by second.